CBSE Affiliation

" There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens to let the future in "

Saint Paul's School has.......................... students right now and its green and beautiful campus is spread in over two acres & 19 Decimal of land. The entire infrastructure is so skillfully crafted that it encourages the students to learn.

Modern and technology savvy - The school has the state of the art computer lab and to provide computer education from class 1st. Fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences allow the children to conduct hands on practical. The school owns fully automated library where more than 18000 books are managed by a full time professional librarian and is going to focus its attention on E-Library. A well equipped VCD room to make teaching more effective. The subject rooms also act as a subject laboratory. To ensure proper physical development of the children and train them to take challenges of life, sports, yoga and meditation is compulsory for all. The school can boast of full time trained faculty for the above.

Facilities for Table Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket
exist. The school provides all the facilities and equipments to promote the games and sports like table tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and cricket among the students.

Educational tours and trips are organised periodically in order to make the children know their surrounding, country and even the world. It helps the children to learn happily and enjoy their studies.

The overall development cannot be over ruled therefore extra curricular activities are given equal weightage such as Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Singing, Aerobics, Yoga, Skating and Karate.

As educational institution, we are fully aware of our responsibility in educating children about their civic and social responsibilities and create awareness in our children by giving them the best possible clean and hygienic environment.

Our school has fully automated intranet & internet connected computer lab where students, parents, teachers, officers and management is using special software on which any one, any time can access school progress, students progress, attendance and all allied information regarding their needs from their home it self, for this every student, teacher and parents have been allotted a unique password. Using internet parents can see progress and students status any time on single click by sitting at their home it self. Student can add their projects, articles and other useful addition for school magazine and library too, any time in school or from their house.

E-library concept is also introduced in school for this computer softwares have been installed so that students at any time can go through books/magazine/articles